Standardized Tests

Test Review and Preparation

Every college, university, and graduate program in the United States, and many outside the U.S., require standardized test scores as part of the admissions processes. Math tutor Joseph J. D’Agostino can help you prepare for a variety of these standardized tests.

JCSI Tutoring prepares you for these standardized tests with:

  • test-taking tips
  • answering strategies
  • time management advice
  • practice questions

Math tutor Joseph D’Agostino helps you familiarize the standardized test format, and knowing what to expect on the test makes it easier to concentrate on the questions.

JCSI Tutoring offers tutoring services for the following standardized tests:

For current students, Mr. D’Agostino provides helpful resources with links to websites for standardized tests, including test dates, locations, registration information, and practice questions.

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