Physics Tutor

JCSI tutor Joseph D’Agostino helps students learn these physics fundamentals:

  • Motion
    • Newton’s First Law, Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration
    • Newton’s Second Law, Single and Multi-Dimensional Forces, Vectors
    • Newton’s Third Law, Action/Reaction
    • Applications, Gravitation, Friction, Rotational Motion
  • Conservation of Momentum—Impulse
  • Energy—Kinetic, Work, Thermal
  • Waves—Sound, Light, Matter
  • Electricity and Magnetism—Static, Currents, Force Fields
  • Electricity Applications—Electrical Components, Series, and Parallel Circuitry
  • Solid State—Transistors, ICs
  • Relativity—Special and General Overview

The list above is offered as a sample of topics and concepts based on the tutoring curriculum developed by JCSI Tutoring.

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