Calculus Tutor

Calculus Tutor Joseph D'Agostino

Calculus Tutor Joseph D’Agostino

Calculus Fundamentals
JCSI Tutoring: Calculus Tutor Overview

  • Functions and Limits—Slope Concepts
  • Derivative Rules—Power, Product, Quotient, Chain
  • Derivatives—1st, 2nd, Concavity, Comprehension
  • Differentiation Applications—Related Rates, Optimization, Implicit, Maxima and Minima, Graphs
  • Integrals—Fundamental Theory, Antiderivatives, u-Substitution Techniques
  • Integration Applications—Limits: Areas Under a Curve, Volume, Surface Areas, Disc Method, Shell Method, Doughnut Method, and more
  • Integration Applications—Trigonometric Substitutions, L’Hopital’s Rule, Polar Coordinates, Parametrics
  • Sequence and Infinite Series, Taylor and MacLaurin Series
  • Differential Equations

The list above is offered as a sample of topics and concepts based on the tutoring curriculum developed by Math Tutor Joe.

Calculus Tutor Helps High School Students

JCSI Tutoring is equipped to handle sophisticated calculus problems of high school juniors and seniors. From optimization to related rates, areas under curves, function derivations, and integrals, calculus problems are broken down into simple steps that can be easily comprehended.  Students rely on Joseph D’Agostino for improved test scores and overall calculus tutoring needs.

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