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Bucks County tutor and word-problem whiz Joseph D’Agostino helps students of all ages master their coursework. From algebra to geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and word problems—plus physics, English, Latin, French, SAT / ACT prep, and more, you will be inspired by the patience and thorough explanations Math tutor, Joseph D’Agostino, provides. By breaking the material down into workable segments, Mr. D’Agostino routinely helps students of all ages with their studies:

  • Elementary School Tutoring
  • High School Tutoring
  • College or University Tutoring
  • Self-Study or Online Coursework Tutoring
  • Standardized Test Preparation

Whether it’s math or another subject, a good tutor, such as Joseph D’Agostino of JCSI Tutoring, will need to have mastery of the material along with the ability to effectively communicate on an elementary level; thus, it is important that your tutor has a strong formal background in mathematics or the subject at hand. JCSI math tutor Joseph D’Agostino has years of experience teaching students of all ages and all levels.

Breaking Down the Material

At JCSI Tutoring, Joseph D’Agostino clarifies the concepts, which allows the student a better grasp of content and application, and the ability to present the material back to the tutor. Your JCSI math tutor has been employing this successful and proven method for over twenty years, and as a result, has raised student classroom scores from average and less-than-average, to superior. Math tutor Joseph D’Agostino introduces real world applications and practical examples, so your subjects, such as math, are more interesting and easier to learn.

Students Retain More

From elementary level mathematics to university level statistics and calculus, JCSI math tutor Joseph D’Agostino has proven methods that tailor instruction and practice to the individual student’s learning style. Math tutor Joseph D’Agostino has the knowledge, experience, and patience to explain and instruct all levels of mathematics, and enable the student to easily master concepts and applications. As a result, students retain more information and improve their memories.

Math Word Problems Simplified and Solved

You will learn:

  • Strategies to analyze the language of the word problem
  • How to simplify the problem into its basic parts
  • How to restate the problem in the form of math concepts
  • How to apply step-by-step problem solving techniques to arrive at the solution

Why Bucks County Tutor: JCSI

Math tutor Joseph D’Agostino will help you learn. Whether it’s mathematics, French, Latin, or another subject, Mr. D’Agostino will tailor his instructional style to match the student’s individual learning style, and communicate the concepts to increase understanding and mastery. He has experience teaching and tutoring in various classroom and educational environments, from elementary to university levels; plus, math tutor Joseph D’Agostino has successfully helped students of all ages and abilities improve their understanding, confidence, and test-taking skills.

Improve SAT and ACT Scores

JCSI math tutor Joseph D’Agostino teaches test-taking tips, offers time-management advice, and has answering strategies to help you or your student prepare for standardized tests, such as:

  • SAT
  • ACT

Both the SAT and ACT require a unique set of test-taking skills. JCSI tutor Joseph D’Agostino works very effectively to improve students’ SAT preparation and ACT preparation. Scores are notably higher and confidence levels greatly increased.

Beyond Mathematics

Joseph D’Agostino started out as a math tutor but quickly realized that his knowledge in other subject matters could benefit his students. As a result, JCSI Tutoring offers help in a variety of topics at levels ranging from grade school to university including:

  • Physics
  • French
  • English
  • Latin
  • Math
    • Pre-Algebra
    • Algebra
    • Pre-Calculus
    • Calculus
    • Geometry
    • Trigonometry
    • Statistics
    • Word Problems

Many Bucks County area students have benefited from instruction by JCSI tutor Joseph D’Agostino. In Doylestown, Warrington, Newtown, Chalfont, Buckingham, Yardley, and surrounding areas, students showed marked improvement in test scores and in their attitudes towards mathematics and other subjects. Mr. D’Agostino inspires his students—these results set him apart from other tutors in the area.

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